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Photo Finish & Timing


For capturing the time and order of finishing of every race special high speed Photo Finish cameras are used. The camera is started by the sound of the Starting gun. For this reason the Starting gun is connected with a special sensor that transmits the signal to the Photo Finish camera. The camera registers the races with an accuracy of 1/10,000 of a second. The operator of the camera reads the finish results and sends this to the computer of the Competitor's Steward.


Competition Administration


For the Competition Administration and Result processing a computer and software (Winsport) is supplied. We also will supply a small printer for printing the Time schedules, Start lists and Heat cards. The administration is done by the Competitor’s Steward. The Competitor’s Steward is an appointed function. For large competitions two people should be appointed. At least one of these Competitor’s Stewards should have a working knowledge of Winsport. Most of the Competitor’s Stewards in the world of Shorttrack can work with this software. The organizer needs to supply a separate copier for printing bulk Start lists and Results.


Data Management


For the handling of the data of the competition several computers and specially made software is used. This work is called Data Management. The data is received from the Photo finish camera, the skaters database,  the Transponder Timing System and the Lapboard. The Data operator controls the processing of all data and converts it in a format that it can be used for a number of functions. These functions are among others; the Information monitors in the stadium, the WIFI system for coaches, the live results on internet, Start lists and results on the Projection or LED screen in stadium and the data for the Livestream video.


Information System


In order to give available information about the competition a Digital Information System consisting of monitors is placed around the track. These monitors are positioned near the in/outgoing Heatbox and the Coachbox. If a Closed Circuit Television System is available in the Ice rink it could be possible that the Information used for the monitors also could be relayed to this system. On the monitors of the Info system you can see the Timetable of the competition, Startlists and Results. The Info System is constantly updated with the newest available information. Also special and Urgent messages can be send out over this system in order to inform skaters, coaches and officials quickly as possible.


Coach Information System


Specially for coaches we have a tablet information system available under the name SOL-Coach. The  system is connected to the database of Shorttrackonline and the competition administration and is based on a local WIFI network and only assessible to coaches by means of a password.
Coaches can receive all necessary information directly live during the competition on their smartphone or tablet without the cost of data traffic. The following information is available: Timetable of the competition, Composition of races, Results etc. Coaches can make a selection of teams and/or skaters that they want to see information on during the competition.


Transponders Timing System


During the competition also a Transponders Timing System is used. The Transponders are distributed to the skaters in the Heatbox and are attached around the ankle of the skater with a Velcro strap. The Transponder system is used as a backup system for the total timing of the competition and to register all the lap times of all skaters. The information the transponders catches is used by the Scoreboard, Video Replay, Live results and in the Livestream video on internet. Besides this the system is also used for backup lap counting. The lap counting per skater is shown on monitors which are used by the Announcer, Photo finish operator and the operator of the official lapboard.


Time Displays


Time displays, which are connected to the Photo finish system, are positioned around the track. These displays will give the running time of the race. If necessary in between racing the time of the day can be shown on the displays. The position of the displays is near the boarding in sight of the skaters or pointed at the public so they can see the running time also. Two displays are supplied as standard. It is possible to put more displays around the track and put extra displays in the direction of the public. If more displays are requested then please inform us about this as soon as possible.


Lapboard with Countdown and Time of day function


A newly developed LED Lapboard is positioned near to the Finish Line. Also a large bell is supplied. This LED lapboard has several new functions in it and is used for coun-ting the laps during the races, display of the Time of day before and du-ring the resurface of the ice, Countdown clock for the starting procedure and Countdown clock for the warmingup periods. The lapboard also gives the number of laps to the timing system, live to the internet and is also connected to the video system. So the number of laps can also be seen in the Video Replay, on the scoreboard and on Web-TV or used for output to television.


Electronic Starting Gun

A newly developped Electronic Starting Gun is supplied for use by the starters. The reason for this is that it is no longer easy for starters to travel all over the world with their own Starting Guns. This Starting Gun is connected to the audio system of the ice rink and gives an electronic simulated shot and a Flashlight lights up at the start. Through a special sensor the Electronic Starting Gun is connected to the Photo Finish and Timing system in order to start these systems for every race.  

The Electronic Starting Gun uses standard batteries and it is no longer  necessary to purchase ammunition for each competition.


Radio equipment for referees


Good communication among the referees during the competition is very important. Also because of the glass windows on the boarding it is getting more and more difficult for the referees to communicate with each  other and with the Officials at the side of the track. For this reason the Radio equipment is taken into the standard package of equipment that is supplied for international competitions.


Race Report System for Referees


In many competitions we are testing and using the Race Report System for referees that we supply to the ISU for World Cups and Championships. This Race Report System is a tablet system for Referees to mark and register all their decisions into the competition database.


Audio equipment for the announcer, starter and Web-TV


The audio equipment forms one integral system for the starter, announcer and Web-TV and is also part of the integrated Services. For the announcer audio equipment is available with microphones, mixer, SD player, cables etc. A wireless headset microphone for the starter and wireless microphone for the opening ceremony is also included. The audio equipment will be connected to the sound system of the ice rink. Music, tunes for ceremonies and National Anthems are also available. Besides this the audio equipment is also connected to the video system and is used for recording the sound for the live streaming Web-TV.


Video equipment


Video equipment, updated to the newest High Definition images of 1920x1080, is supplied for several functions. The equipment consists of Video camera’s, Video mixer, TV monitors, Hard disk recorders, Slow motion machine and Graphic computer with special software. The video equipment is used for the Video Replay for the referees, Scoreboard & Video Projection, Livestream video on internet and Video archive on the website Shorttrackonline. If requested the images are also available, free of charges, for regional television stations and for promotion of Shorttrack Speedskating.


Video Replay


Special video equipment and software is supplied for the function of Video Replay. The system consists of special monitors, a Slow motion recorder and special software with which all necessary information is inserted into the images on the screen. The Video Replay is a helpful tool for the referees to evaluate a race and the decisions taken. The system is operated by the Video operator of shorttrackonline. In case a separate Video Referee is appointed this person can operate the system, also on his own.The system can also be used for training activities of referees.


LED Video Display or Projection Screen


For scoreboard and video images a Projection screen or a new and impressive LED video Display is supplied. On this Video Screen we can show live action video, slow motions and replay of the most important actions, startlists, running time and results of the competition and in future also coloured lapboards for relay races. The Video Screen can also be used for showing promotional videos, sponsor logos, advertising, competition logos and commercials. Special requests for playing sponsor items should reach us at least two weeks before the competition, to enable us to convert them to the correct format.


Livestreaming video on internet


During the competition a live stream video will be produced with camera images, start lists, running time, lapboard and results. Also sponsor commercials could be played on internet in this Livestream. The com-mentating of the stadium announcer can be connected to this and in special cases a separate commentator will support the images. For uploading the video signal a good internet connection at the Ice rink is necessary preferably near the finish line. For the download by the viewers bandwidth must be bought with our provider. The necessary bandwidth per viewer is called a “Slot”. The number of “slots” is advised by us but can also be chosen by the Organizers at least 3 days before the competition.


Internet Services


A number of Internet Services for the competition is supplied through the website Shorttrackonline.info. The entry system is used for entering skaters for the competition. Organizers can download the entry data into the competition administration. During the competition all results are published live on the website. After the competition the complete results are published and taken into the statistics and ranking lists. Depending on the quality of the internet connection in the stadium also during or after the competition pictures and video of the competition will be uploaded to the website.


Video Archive on Shorttrackonline.info


A special Video Archive of all recorded races is made on our website Shorttrackonline.info. Competitions of which races are recorded will have the mark “video” in the competition calendar. Races which are recorded in the archive will have the      logo at the result of that race. By clicking on this logo the video of that race will start. The logo is also visible on the Personal Page of the skaters at every race which is recorded.  Also by clicking here on this logo the video of that race will start. In this way skaters can easily compare their recorded races in order to study their performance.


Helmet covers with race number


If requested we can bring a set of helmet co-vers with good visible numbers on them. Many of the helmet covers in use have figures which are too small to be easily read and do not have the numbers at the front and the back of the cover. This makes it difficult to identify skaters and takes a lot of time when the skaters turn their head at the finish line. Helmet covers must be distributed before the competition and collected after the competition by the Organizing Committee.


Coloured helmet covers for relay


Specially for the relay races we have co-loured helmet covers available. If you want us to bring them please inform us some weeks before the competition. A complete set consists of 5 different colours with for each colour 3 sets of 5 caps.


Competition blocks


The use of the correct and ISU approved rubber competition blocks is very important. If not available we can bring a set of these rubber blocks to the competition. Please send a request if this is the case.


Audio equipment


If necessary we also can provide a complete sound system for ice rinks and stadiums. We have supplied this for many events, Grand Prix competitions and several World Championships Figure skating. If sound equipment is necessary we need to use a bigger transport van than normally is used.

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