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Company History PB-Event
      01-12-1989. PB-Event has been founded in 1989. After being active for many years for a theater agengy and in several companies organising all kinds of Events and many sport competitions ceo Piet Broekhuizen took the step to start up a new company active in the world of (sport-)events.  As the first office a small room was rented in the Edenhal Icerink Amsterdam, were just the Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra had left as rehursal room and office.  
    01-01-1990. After starting up the company the first big assignement for PB-Event was the organisation of the Amsterdam City Marathon. During a period of 7 years we have been responsable for the complete organisation of this event. Together with more then 400 volunteers from the athletic clubs from around Amsterdam all the work was done to create this event. This was a year full-time job with more then double the normal labour hours if you work for a traditional company. It was a very succesfull period with in the beginning Start and Finish on Dam square in the city centre, later Start and finish moved to the big square in front of the Rijksmuseum. When the renovation of this square started the Start and Finish was moved to the Rai Exhibition Centre with an indoor Start- and finish. After 2 years we moved again to the renovated Amsterdam Olympic Stadium. This is still the place were untill now the Start and Finish takes place.  

01-01-1991. As the work for the Amsterdam City Marathon became more and more, more office space was necessary. The municipality of Amsterdam gave us the oportunity to rent a big office and conference room in the office building of the Jaap Eden Icerink in Amsterdam.


01-01-1993. As the working and office space in the Jaap Eden Icerink became too small the municipality of the city of Amsterdam gave us the oportunity to rent a big office, storage and meeting room in the Passengers terminal Amsterdam. The complete second floor (on top of the terminal-room) of this imense building was available for the Organisation of the Amsterdam City Marathon and for the organisation of Sail Amsterdam. Direct from our working desk we could look on the deck of the Cruise ships which were docked at the terminal. We assisted with the organisation of Sail Amsterdam '95 and were sitting on the first row for this great event.

    01-01-2000 Because the amount of equipment became more and more it was necessary to find a wharehouse for all the equipment. We were lucky to find space for all equipment in one of the stables of a Flower growing company in Aalsmeer. The office in those days stayed at our address in Diemen close to Amsterdam.  
      01-05-2003. In this year PB-Event took over the work of telecom company "De Kiefte". Owner Leo de Kiefte died in march this year while attending the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in the Hague were he supplied all the radio equipment. As PB-Event was a big user of all the telecom equipment from this company we took over the company and continued the work of renting out Radio equipment for all kinds of events.  
    01-12-2010. The old office and wharehouse in Aalsmeer had become much too small for all activities and work what was done by PB-Event. Also for the many meetings for all the Events we needed a good conference room. Fortunately we could buy a wonderfull building in the City of Almere close to our home residence. The City of Almere is situated in the middle of the Netherlands and all region of the country could be reached in an easy way. Also it is still close to Amsterdam and close enough to Schiphol Airport for our international activities. The building has an office, big wharehouse and a meeting and a big conference room on the first floor.  
    01-01-2018 The Dutch company Eraton, the producer of the World famous Race Timers, and PB-Event have decided to start working together in close cooperation. The rental of the Eraton Race Timers and Timing equipment will from now on be provided and organised by PB-Event. The Eraton Company will support this in the back ground with technical know-how. Resurch, Development and production will continue in the Eraton company in Weert in the south of the Netherlands.  
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